Tuesday, April 15, 2014

train painting

Taking a three-day tour of the greater Chicago area with a great group of kids and teachers - musicians all - does not leave a whole lot of extra time for drawing or painting. But you take the moments when they come! Jazzmin, Liza, Casey and I spent a few wonderful minutes, as a train sped us from Chicago to Wheaton, painting and drawing in a Strathmore art journal with a large, floppy (some would say "useless"…ok, that was me) paintbrush we nicknamed "The Mop", plus a smaller, sleeker brush, a box of little squidges of watercolor paint, a graphite stick, and a fountain pen.

Later on, Liza and I used The Mop again, in the dim light of the overnight train, to create 2 more pages. Her new sea turtle made from stone, which she bought at the aquarium, is featured in the corner of one of them:

Here's a diagram of our trip, with a tree by Daphne:

Wish I could have fit that all on one page, but it was too big...

Thanks to my fellow artists!
It was so much fun painting, traveling, and playing music with you.


  1. Love this, Margaret! Looks like you guys had a productive train ride back....

    1. Thanks, Zach! Fun to see you here :) Yep, we were productive...