Wednesday, April 30, 2014

that wonderful town

I had about three hours in Chicago to scamper about and see as much as I could at the Art Institute, eat lunch, and meet our group at the Field Museum.
I did so with the help of a handy little tourist map, given to me by a helpful Chicagoan (in general, I found the people of Chicago to be lovely, nice and helpful)...

…and my scribbled plan from before. Since the museum didn't open until mid-morning, I explored, found coffee, went to the art store, and then made my way over to where there was a long line forming down the steps of the museum. It was a festive feeling, even in the gray rainy cold of that early April morning. A museum guard was entertaining a little girl in line in front of me. Her family was visiting from Milwaukee. "My family's from Milwaukee," the guard said. "Great town."


  1. Hi :) I really love all of this and am so happy to see it here! especially your tourist map rendering - you make the shore look like a cozy green creature happily abutting the lake <3 how did you get that dot-like texture on the water?? so cool!

    ps now i am thinking of your sundry creatures from doodle-a-day :D you could be a lights-out fantasy/sci-fi illustrator, you know <3

    1. Hi Christina :) I think it's fun that you saw (some of it) in person and now on the computer…they look different! The dot texture is from the paper! I used the cover of one of my watercolor pads. Being stingy/frugal (take your pick :) ) has cool unexpected side benefits! :)
      ps I love your idea about the creatures. Let's consult.