Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Yesterday I was playing with recording, trying out different rooms, etc. And layering tracks, so I could sing and play guitar and viola all at once! It was very exciting. 

Afterwards I noticed that both instruments were lying on my bed, next to each other. I so seldom see them side by side like this, I had to draw them, however quickly. 

And here is a perhaps-pertinent cartoon.


  1. heeeeheehee :D

    I love it! especially (I don't think I told you this) the look on the kiddo's face, a marvelous combination, to my mind, of trepidation and admiration/aspirational desire :) amazingly expressive!

    also, the sketched instrument case--! it makes me grin because if I scroll down so only it and the lower bodies are visible, it looks like a giant submarine sandwich teehee!


    p.s. guitar + viola = BFF! they need split-heart necklaces :)

    1. Haha it totally does look like a submarine sandwich! :)