Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my traveling companion

I just got back from a trip to Delaware. I drove down, and one of my many stops on the way was in the beautiful town of Skaneateles. There's a thrift store there - well, you know the thrift store! It's the one that my cup comes from. 

So anyway, I popped into the thrift store, and there on the counter was this cute little plant. Wrapped in tin foil, and labeled in shaky handwriting on an ancient piece of paper Scotch-taped to the pot. 
I did not think twice. The plant came with me. 

On the drive, it sat in the cup holder of my rental car. When I got to my hotel, it came in with me. The next morning, it came with me to the coffee shop (I walked in carrying this plant, with a violin case on a ribbon around my neck. The guy at the counter stood back. "That's adorable," he said. "Don't worry, I'm not moving in," I said), then to lunch with my relatives, and then all the way home.

I would never have thought it practical (or particularly good for the plant, probably) to travel with a wee baby plant, but I have to say that it makes a wonderful travel companion, a wonderful impromptu centerpiece and conversation starter. 
Instant living room, wherever you go.


  1. What a wonderful story!!
    But it's late and I will come back to write more....
    Ciao Beate