Monday, October 21, 2013

girl on a train

Good morning! I spilled boiling water on my hand last night, which reminded me this morning of this picture - my drawing teacher and I wrangled a bit on the subject of hands.

It is a mash-up of sorts of 2 paintings in the art gallery here in Rochester, one by George Grosz and one by Norman Rockwell. It could also be a former me on the SEPTA train in Philadelphia, if they let in birds...


  1. I love how lifelike the birds are and how this picture forces the viewer to fill in so much of the image. :)

  2. oh, man. I've seen this before, I know, but the facial expressions still gut me, especially former you's. is that weird? I think it's partly because your self-portraits tend to be more symbolic than representational - more like emotion pictures than person pictures. (?? I think? I'm trying to express myself clearly in words, but it's so much easier when I can just ramble and gesture nonsensically at you in person! this articulating stuff is hard! :) I'm probably full of shit... news at 11!)