Sunday, October 23, 2016

finding beauty

Here's where I'm going to get cheesy. And I'm going to say things that you've already heard before, probably in the same words you've already heard them said before.
And yet, I need to say them, again. Partly because I need to hear them said - again. Partly because I feel their necessity in our world right now - our urgent need for them to be said and heard, again and again. Partly because I have a blog and a blog is where you SAY THINGS, right? And partly because they are just so gosh-darn true, and they are what I was thinking about when I drew these ducks and turtles and plants you see below, and the tin hanging lamp under which the turtles were sunning themselves, climbing and lounging all over each other, and I wrote that word - "beauty".
So here they are: if you don't like what you see, out there in the world, then 1. you are right, and there's no sense in trying to talk yourself out of it, but also 2. MAKE SOMETHING YOU DO WANT TO SEE. And 3. keep your eyes open: everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, there is beauty. Ugliness, yes, without a doubt. But also beauty.

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