Wednesday, March 5, 2014

several scribbles

What have I been doing? Well…singing! And playing!
We (at the Kanack School of Music) had a wonderful chamber music concert last weekend, so much fun, playing Ignaz Pleyel (a trio I'd never heard) (before playing it of course) and the Brahms sextet in B flat. And I got to turn pages for Paul Schoenfield's Cafe Music, a hair-raising and wonderful experience!

Andy made a beautiful poster for the event which unfortunately I don't have in digital form or I would display it for you here.


I have been learning and singing some Italian songs, and in order to help me keep all the parts straight, my teacher (the stupendous Teryle Watson) suggested that I find some way to visually represent them. I thought you might like to see some of these funny little scraps of paper that I come up with:

That was my first attempt, for Alma del core.

A little more squiggly, Sebben crudele.

Here, "just" w o r d s:

Amarilli, mia bella
(I dropped this one at work and Andy found it and said he knew it was mine because of the star at the top)

And here's a kind of hybrid, for Brahms' Wie Melodien zieht es mir:

Many of them are the worse for wear, after being toted around in wind, rain and snow...

And finally, a little scribble of me and Michelle playing a few weeks ago (yes, by me - how did I draw and play at the same time, you ask? :) )

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